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IMDRF meeting in Berlin: Joint IMDRF / Stakeholder (DITTA-GMTA) Workshop

Posted on 13.07.2023

The International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) Secretariat, chaired by the European Commission, is preparing the 24th meeting of the Management Committee (MC) of the IMDRF: the event will take place in Berlin (Germany) on 25th and 26th September 2023.

The Joint IMDRF / Stakeholders (DITTA-GMTA) Workshop is scheduled for 25th September and will address Specialised Regulatory Pathways: panels of representatives of industry and regulatory authorities will discuss the regulatory pathways for devices intended for specific patient populations (orphan, pediatric, custom-made devices), innovative medical devices and regulatory toolboxes to foster innovation. The agenda is now available here.

The IMDRF was established in October 2011 and is a forum for medical device regulators from different jurisdictions working together to advance international regulatory harmonisation and convergence in the field of medical devices. Its MC is chaired in 2023 by the European Union.

For more information, please contact Dario Belluomini, Manager International Affairs.