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Late submissions: new feature for the platform of the Conference Vetting System

Posted on 02.12.2021

As of November 2021, the Conference Vetting System no longer accepts late submissions due to an increasing number of late submissions causing delays in regular assessments. Event submissions must be made no later than 75 days before the event starting date. 

MedTech Europe members and Event Organisers may exceptionally request a waiver. In case of late submission, an official email must be sent to the Compliance Officers asking for an expedited assessment, which is not always granted, and explain the reasons for this late submission.

The Panel only may grant such waivers in exceptional circumstances and based on valid reasons. If an expedited assessment is granted, it is important to note that a waiver entails conditions: submitters forfeit their right to appeal the CVS decision for any given event that was granted an expedited assessment.

For more information, please visit the Ethical MedTech official website.