Medtech compliance worldwide: GMTCC shown a convergence of trends

Posted on 02.06.2016


The 2016 edition of the Global MedTech Compliance Conference (GMTCC) was held in Dublin from 24 to 26 May. More than 300 delegates (the largest number since the conference began in 2008) attended the event, which is the most comprehensive meeting for the medtech industry, in-house lawyers, compliance professionals and international policymakers on the challenges medtech companies face every day in the field of ethics and compliance.

Delegates were welcomed by the heads of the three trade associations that co-organised the event: CEO Serge Bernasconi from MedTech Europe, AdvaMed’s President Scott Whitaker and Sinead Keogh, Director Medtech & Engineering at IMDA.

This year’s GMTCC showed a convergence of trends in medtech compliance worldwide; a convergence that was present in each of the topics discussed at the meeting – from the future of procurement in emerging markets to Fair-Market Value, and including credentialing of sales representatives and other legal and compliance topics.

Highlights of the event also included discussions on transparency requirements with participation from EFPIA – the European Association for the pharmaceutical industry – and a debate on new models to support medical education with representatives from European scientific societies including EFORT and the Biomed Alliance.

Last but not least, many people also followed the conversation on-line. #GMTCC reached out to 88.940 users and obtained 493.008 impressions (number of times the reached people have seen the tweets)*.

*Source: (30 May 2016)