MedTech Europe at the Dutch NEVI Zorgcongres presented the “MEAT Value Based Procurement”

Posted on 03.03.2017


The 2017 NEVI congress took place on 2 February 2017 and focused on the changes in care and the consequences for purchasing and purchasers.

Prof Dr Fred van Eenennaam founder of the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe (VBHCE) gave his keynote speech on the topic and on the same day, 2 workshops were organized where the framework of “MEAT Value Based Procurement” was presented by Yves Verboven, (Market Access Economic Policies Director at MedTech Europe). MEAT Value Based Procurement (link) concept is developed by MedTech Europe, in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and procurement experts. The objective of the MEAT Value Based Procurement tool is to support healthcare institutions, hospitals, and health and procurement authorities in adopting value-based decision-making in healthcare procurement. A tool and accompanying guidelines have been developed to help take wider patient, organisational and societal outcomes into account in tendering processes. The tool can be easily customised for the evaluation of tenders and includes a detailed menu of criteria to select from by tendering authorities.

One of the exercises which were performed with the attendees of the workshop was to indicate which of the criteria included in the framework they considered relevant to be used within a value based purchasing. Many participants expressed high interest in the concept presented and will be further involved when we continue to build a “community of practice”.

MedTech Europe continues to present the concept in Europe and beyond and one of the next conferences that we will attend include:

  • MENA MedTech Forum in Dubai on 9 March – Yves Verboven will be moderating a workshop “Value-Based Procurement as unexpected driver of Value-Based Healthcare”
  • Expomed Eurasia in Istanbul between 30 March  and 2 April 2017 – MEAT concept will be presented by Yves Verboven during workshop on 31 March afternoon.

For more information about MEAT Value Based Procurement please contact Yves Verboven ([email protected]) and Sophie Koettlitz ([email protected]).