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MedTech Europe calls for a workable PFAS transition pathway for the sector

Posted on 05.10.2023

Following the technical input provided to the EU Chemicals Agency in July, MedTech Europe has published its position paper on the EU-PFAS Restriction Proposal. It presents PFAS use cases in the sector next to the specificities and practical realities of transitioning away from PFAS substances.

MedTech Europe calls for a realistic transition pathway to non-PFAS alternatives that are both reliable and feasible for medical technologies (including their manufacturing and supply chain) to avoid shortages of medical technologies for patients and practitioners. Sufficiently broad derogations should allow sufficient time to first identify all PFAS uses in medical technologies and to subsequently move to alternatives where these are proven to be technically viable, available besides in conformity with the sector-specific MD and IVD Regulations so as fit for the intended purpose.

A realistic timeline must consider the sector’s complex supply chain dependencies as well as the long development timelines and steps to ensure compliance with the ambitious sectorial legislation.