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MedTech Europe continues fostering the dialogue with European health regional authorities

Posted on 06.10.2021

In the last years, MedTech Europe has been actively involved in strengthening the dialogue with health regional authorities. Coordinating the EURIPHI H2020 project (GA 825922) from January 2020 to June 2021, the trade association contributed to the creation of the EURIPHI Health & Social Care Regions Network (the Network) – gathering 19 of the most advanced regions in Innovation Procurement in Europe (including Apulia, Basque Country, Catalunya and Wales).

During the project, MedTech Europe, the Network and the partners of the EURIPHI’s consortium exchanged good practices and knowledge on performing PPI (Public Procurement of Innovation) and PCP (Pre-Commercial Procurement) across the borders, including its opportunities and challenges. Thanks to this, health regional representatives (the Network), procurers and the medical technology industry (members of the EURIPHI consortium) paved the way for discussion on topics of common interest, which is expected to continue in the future.

MedTech Europe is looking forward to maintaining the dialogue with regional health authorities, aimed at addressing unmet needs with solutions optimising the benefit to citizens and healthcare systems. The means to do so is Innovation Procurement, being perceived as a way to promote the health of the citizens but also the regional development.

For further information, please, contact Isabella Notarangelo ([email protected]) Manager Value & Innovation-based Access.