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MedTech Europe Diabetes Group addresses T2 diabetes

Posted on 06.10.2022

Brussels, 03 October 2022 – The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group continues its work of advancing digitally enabled diabetes care for the benefit of people living with diabetes, their care teams and health systems in Europe.

The Group has recently published two documents – an infographic and a two-pager – explaining the role of medical technologies in addressing the growing Type 2 (T2)  diabetes pandemic in Europe. A chronic and progressive condition, T2 diabetes leads to serious health complications if not effectively managed. Medical technology can support people living with T2 diabetes and their care teams to manage the condition more effectively, which can lead to improved health outcomes, higher quality of life, and reduced strain on healthcare systems.

Diabetes is one of several non-communicable diseases (NCDs) addressed by the ‘Healthier Together’ EU NCD Initiative and the corresponding Joint Action. The Diabetes Group welcomes and shares the initiative’s goals of reducing the burden of NCDs in Europe through areas such as better prevention, screening, and self-management solutions (including digitally enabled care) for the millions of Europeans already living with diabetes and other NCDs. Together with the European Diabetes Forum (EUDF), the Diabetes Group will offer support to the Member States who collaborate on the Joint Action.

For more information, please contact Jessica Imbert, Director External Affairs.