MedTech Europe joins ATTD 2022

Posted on 06.05.2022

Brussels, 05 May 2022 – MedTech Europe’s Diabetes Sector Group was pleased to once again join the annual Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) from April 27-30 in Barcelona. ATTD brings together leading experts in the field of diabetes from across the globe to discuss the latest research and developments in medical technology.

A key theme at the conference this year was the value of digitalisation of diabetes care.  In one such session run by the European Diabetes Forum (EUDF) – of which MedTech Europe is a member—panellists discussed the ecosystem of digitally enabled diabetes care, and how to make it a reality for people living with diabetes.

As in previous years, the Diabetes Sector Group provided sponsorships to start-ups to attend the International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes at ATTD, giving them the opportunity to attend the conference and showcase their innovative ideas. MedTech Europe has supported the Tech Fair since it was founded several years ago, and it has since grown into a much-anticipated cornerstone of ATTD.

The winners of the Tech Fair were introduced by Tanja Valentin, Director General of External Affairs at MedTech Europe. “The spirit and energy we see among the start-ups here is inspiring, and we wish these young companies great success in driving positive change for the whole diabetes community,” Tanja Valentin said in her opening remarks on Saturday. The start-ups were also highlighted in a short social media campaign by MedTech Europe titled “Ask an ATTD Start-Up Grant Winner”, which gathered reflections on the ATTD Conference and the role of digitally enabled diabetes care in managing diabetes.

Start-ups play a significant role in European medical technology. Of the 32.000 European manufacturers of medical devices, diagnostics and digital health solutions in Europe, 95% are small and medium sized companies.