MedTech Europe participates in the EU Value-Based Healthcare debate

Posted on 06.06.2019

Recently, the draft opinion by the DG Santé Expert Panel on “Effective Ways of Investing in Health” was published. The mandate of this Expert Panel was to:

  • define “value” in value-based healthcare;
  • inform healthcare decisions to become more effective, accessible and resilient.

The recommendations provided by the Expert Panel are not binding but likely to guide Commission’s future take on this topic. On 4 June, during a public hearing to discuss the draft, MedTech Europe delivered a statement that welcomed the comprehensive view that the Expert Panel takes on “value”, encompassing wider, societal, elements of having people in good health. Further, MedTech Europe highlighted the importance of instruments such as value-based procurement to foster change towards value creation in Europe. The final opinion will be released on 26 July 2019.

The discussion on the draft opinion coincides well with the launch of a reflection paper on “Incorporating Value in Investment Decisions in Health across Europe” which has been commissioned by MedTech Europe and written by Rifat Atun, Professor of Global Health Systems from Harvard University, on behalf of the newly established working group on “Creating Value in European Healthcare”. A respective opinion piece from Prof. Atun in the form of a blog is also available here.