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MedTech Europe published digital health interoperability position paper

Posted on 03.10.2019

On 10 July 2019, MedTech Europe released a call to action towards digital health interoperability, endorsing the European Commission‘s Electronic Health Record Exchange Format released on 6 February 2019. The statement also called on European national and regional health authorities, payers and procurers, and adjacent industries, to do the same.

The interoperability position paper expresses the medtech industry’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation of health and care, and to making a positive contribution to a more interoperable digital health ecosystem where data flows, systems communicate, and information empowers citizens, patients and carers, and healthcare professionals.

Lack of interoperability has been identified by the European Commission and by MedTech Europe’s membership as a major obstacle for the advancement of digital health. Building on the position paper, MedTech Europe will strengthen relationship with relevant standards organisations and offer awareness and training opportunities to our members.

MedTech Europe launched the paper at the second High-level Roundtable with Health Tech Stakeholders of European Union Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and published a media release.