MedTech Europe recommendations on building resilient and sustainable healthcare systems

Posted on 16.05.2024

During its last session under the current legislative term, the European Parliament plenary approved a raft of Green Deal files. Most prominently, MedTech Europe welcomes the new EU packaging rules, which are key to reinforcing the EU internal market to cultivate a high level of environmental protection and a competitive medical technology industry in Europe. Against this background, we also welcome Enrico Letta’s report “Much More Than a Market”, which recommends “leveraging the Single Market to strengthen health resilience”. 

Technology, innovation procurement and an innovation-friendly regulatory environment are key to the health sector’s sustainability.  

Furthermore, the Commission’s Climate Resilience Package and EEA Climate Risk Assessment Report confirm the urgency of addressing the systemic risks of health systems due to climate change. MedTech Europe’s considerations for building sustainable healthcare systems are included in MedTech Europe Manifesto for 2024 – 2029 and will be discussed at dedicated sustainability sessions at MedTech Forum 2024.  

For more information, please contact Sigrid Linher, Director Sustainability and Environment.