Medtech Europe signs Global Commitment on Diagnostic Tests to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Posted on 10.02.2017


Medtech Europe, in its continued efforts to fight resistance, is now one of the Associations that signed the Commitment on Diagnostic Tests to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance, a stakeholder initiative recently announced by AdvaMedDx.

In addition to outlining future goals, the commitment highlights the immediate benefits of leveraging existing diagnostic tests. All interested stakeholders are invited to join the effort and commit to:

  • Building a long-term economic case for diagnostics as a public good in the fight against drug-resistant infections;
  • Establishing public-private partnerships to develop health systems and create wide-scale access to diagnostics;
  • Working to ensure effective global utilization of diagnostics; and
  • Advocating for research and development investments, funding, simplified regulatory processes and sustainable reimbursement policies to encourage development.

More information and the full document can be found on the AdvaMedDx website.

This commitment builds on Medtech Europe’s work with several companies from both the diagnostics and medical devices industries to actively advocate on this topic in the European sphere. You can find the group’s position paper here