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MedTech Europe signs joint industry statement calling on EU legislators to respect NLF principles in the Artificial Intelligence Act

Posted on 30.09.2022

In the joint statement, industry stakeholders call for the alignment of the proposed AI Act with sector-specific product safety legislation. If issues of overregulation and misalignment are not addressed, the resulting regulatory uncertainty could adversely impact the access of European citizens to safe and high-quality goods ranging from medical technologies, machinery and tools used in the automotive and furniture sector to gardening tools and machines protecting against electric fires.

The proposed Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) builds on the legal architecture of the New Legislative Framework (NLF) that serves to improve the safety and quality of products accessing the European market.

The statement’s signatories support the NLF provisions as a means of complying with the AI Act. However, when shaping and negotiating the AI Act, EU legislators should ensure that the requirements set out in this regulation will align closely with existing obligations in sector-specific legislation.

Read the full statement and press release below.