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MedTech Europe statement concerning protective equipment: Warning against counterfeit products, fraudulent web activity and falsified or misleading certificates

Posted on 05.11.2020

The use of protective equipment such as personal protective equipment (PPE) or consumable medical devices including masks, respirators, gloves and gowns remains critical in protecting against the transmission of COVID-19.

As the demand for protective equipment skyrocketed since the outbreak of COVID-19, it is important to recognise that the pandemic has also given rise to fraudulent suppliers, counterfeit products, falsified or misleading certificates, or entities willing to exploit the current situation.
To avoid falling a victim of fraud or acquiring counterfeited products, MedTech Europe recommends buyers of protective equipment/PPE to pay attention to the reliability of sales channels and producers. In particular, attention should be paid to any signs or suspicions of fraudulent activity or fraudulently labelled products. In case of suspicion of any fraudulent activity, buyers should contact the manufacturer directly and request them to certify the authenticity of the products that are being offered to purchase.

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