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MedTech Europe unveils vision for future healthcare in Dr. Simmons podcast

Posted on 07.12.2023

Tech is changing healthcare in ways we never imagined. In the latest Dr. Simmons podcast episode from Simmons & Simmons, Eric Le Quellenec, Partner at Simmons & Simmons and Alexander Olbrechts, Director Digital Health at MedTech Europe uncovered the ever-evolving landscape of digital health.

This episode sheds light on the vital role of medical technologies in shaping Europe’s healthcare future, and highlighted the importance of fostering trust, security, and patient-centricity amidst rapid technological advancements. Alexander Olbrechts shared MedTech Europe’s vision of collaborative innovation, bridging the gap between technology and optimal patient care.

Listen to the full episode here.

For more information, please contact Alexander Olbrechts, Director Digital Health.