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MedTech Europe’s Blogs- March Highlights!

Posted on 04.04.2018

This is MedTech and MedTech Views are two MedTech Europe’s blog platforms which aim to raise awareness about the Value of Medical Technologies. They give the opportunity to various stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals, key health actors, policy makers, patients, etc.) to voice their opinion on many healthcare topics.

For more information, please contact Marie-Hélène Lattes.

This Is Medtech – a platform for real stories of people’s lives transformed by MedTech

MedTech Europe has a platform to share real and emotional stories of people whose lives have been transformed by medical technologies: This Is MedTech.

This Is MedTech is all about explaining what medical technologies are and what value they bring to the patient within each one of us. The stories focus on people and on their drive to get better – and look at how MedTech can help.

Check out the campaigns for the month of March on ‘This is MedTech’ shedding light upon important health awareness days.


MedTech Views – a platform to promote the knowledge and understanding of our industry

MedTech Views is a platform to create a dialogue about medical technologies.

On this blog platform, you will find views from healthcare professionals, public policy experts, social innovators, third party experts, key health actors and many others.

Here’s the one of the latest MedTech Views’ blog highlighting a perspective about Artificial Intelligence Predicting a patient’s health path and changing their behaviour, through the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Sorin Stircu from E*HealthLine

MedTech Europe is running a campaign on Early Diagnosis on the MedTech Views blog platform. Early diagnosis and care can prevent illness from developing and slow disease progression. Lab tests, genetic tests, tests for chronic diseases and modern lab diagnostics can help facilitate earlier intervention and improves outcomes for patients and are increasingly valuable in informing treatment choice.