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MedTech Europe’s vision for cybersecurity

Posted on 15.06.2023

The medical technology industry plays an integral role, alongside other actors in the healthcare and digital ecosystem, in creating a more resilient healthcare system, protecting against potential cyberattacks, such as malwares or, more specifically, ransomware attacks.

In its position paper, MedTech Europe explains the importance of sectoral regulation (MDR/IVDR) to remain the primary avenue to providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity of digital medical technologies and services, ensuring the safety and security of patients and users. Furthermore, the position paper outlines the benefits of a multistakeholder approach to cybersecurity, and the necessity of public-private partnerships and investment in education, awareness and infrastructure for the delivery of cybersecurity in and across the healthcare ecosystem. Read our complete position paper here.

For more information, please contact Benjamin Meany, Manager Digital Health – Medical Device Software Regulation.