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Medtech industry is committed to support deconfinement efforts

Posted on 04.06.2020

Medical technologies have been front and centre to provide acute support since the new Coronavirus emerged: diagnostic tests help governments understand the spread of the disease and more recently the immune response of people that have been infected; medical masks, gloves and gowns increase the safety of frontline health worker; intensive care equipment, such as ventilators, infusion systems, patient monitoring systems and dialysis equipment help save the lives of people affected by COVID-19. This is why companies continue to work around the clock to develop and produce these critical medical technologies in needed quantities.

Now, deconfinement measures progress in Europe and our sector will play its part to accompany this phase with the same compassion and commitment. An increased focus is placed on re-establishing needed care for those who have conditions other than COVID-19. People with chronic conditions have reported disruptions in the provision of their medical needs as healthcare capacities were fully focused on the pandemic and many non-essential healthcare services, such as regular check-up or elective surgeries, were postponed. Furthermore, people are still hesitant to go back to regular health services and facilities as they fear infection.

The medical technology sector will support governments and healthcare systems to reopen needed healthcare services in a safe and swift manner; You can find more reflections on this in our recent ‘paper on diagnostic tests during COVID-19’ and in our latest podcast.

The new world will require ingenuity and flexibility from all of us, and medical technology manufacturers will keep playing their part. To find many more information from MedTech Europe on COVID-19, visit our COVID-19 information hub.