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Medtech industry supports health systems preparation in managing the increase in COVID-19 cases in Europe

Posted on 09.09.2020

As COVID-19 cases are on the rise again in many places across Europe, the medical technology industry continues to work with healthcare actors to support in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within the wider response to COVID-19 the sector sees a time-critical need to focus on managing the upcoming winter season as it puts additional public health risk to society posed by respiratory viruses. The convergence of the spike of COVID-19 cases in Europe with the start of the winter season will place additional burden to patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems.

The industry has thus asked health authorities to explore solutions to prepare in managing COVID-19, flu and other seasonal respiratory infections. Guidelines outlining for example testing algorithms that define which infections should be tested in which occasions and in which order would be one important element in this respect. Find here the relevant press release.

In parallel with the ongoing acute management of the pandemic, the medical technology industry remains fully supportive of all efforts to continue and re-establish non-COVID-19 related healthcare services safely and swiftly, such as regular check-ups or elective surgeries. This is an important priority as well in order to stabilize the overall health status of societies.

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