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MedTech Week 2020: only one month to go!

Posted on 09.09.2020

MedTech Week will take place across Europe from 12 to 16 of October 2020 for its 6th edition.

MedTech Week provides a European platform for local initiatives to promote the work the medical technology industry is doing together with different stakeholders – patients, carers, professionals, decision-makers and many others.

The crisis we are all facing has not stopped the amazing engagement of all our members and stakeholders who are getting highly creative to make it happen. We are happy to count 31 MedTech Europe members and 21 external stakeholders confirmed and many more to come!

Do you want to know more? Check out the MedTech Week website and follow us on social media #MedTechWeek.
The MedTech Week magazine 2019 also outlines the various activities organised last year.
Contact Marie-Hélène Lattes ([email protected])  if you would like to be part of this initiative.