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MedTech’s time-travelling dog lights up Portugal

Posted on 06.02.2020

On the 30th of January, MedTech Europe’s best friend – Arthur the cartoon dog – was again travelling Europe. After our team translated his views into Portuguese, he made an appearance on stage at a major diabetes conference: O Valor do Diagnóstico para o Sistema de Saúde e para o Cidadão (The value of diagnostics for systems and citizens).

Showcasing his superpower – time travel – Arthur took the audience back to the 1970’s. In the 1970s, diabetes devices were over 200 times heavier, and over 24 times slower than devices today. See his short video journey here.

MedTech Europe is happy to translate this material into other languages. If you are talking publicly about diabetes or holding a medical technology conference, let us know, and we could send Arthur the dog your way.

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