MTE renews calls on funding and reimbursement systems and registries

Posted on 29.06.2017

In line with MedTech Europe’s drive towards a shift from a tech-based to a value-based access model for medical technologies, MTE is renewing its calls around the key principles it has proposed for two important topics: funding and reimbursement, and the setup of registries.

Six key principles for Funding & Reimbursement

The dedicated Position Paper includes six key principles for efficient and sustainable funding and reimbursement of medical technologies and services:

1. Transparency of funding & reimbursement policies

2. Predictability & consistency in decision-making processes

3. Stakeholders’ involvement in funding & reimbursement processes

4. Enabling patient access to care

5. Supporting and rewarding innovation

6. Creating seamless care

MTE believes that their implementation has the potential to drive effective and patient-centered healthcare systems. Find the related document here.

Six key principles for medical technologies registries

The dedicated Position Paper proposes six key principles for European public health authorities requesting the collection of ‘real-world’ data through registries that can inform healthcare decisions (e.g. reimbursement, coverage with evidence development, population/sub-population access):

1) Define the SCOPE

2) Set up the right GOVERNANCE

3) Establish fair and transparent FINANCING amongst all the parties

4) Ensure collection of QUALITY DATA and DATA PROTECTION


6) Guarantee the right EDUCATION and QUALIFICATION

MTE believes that by following these principles, data collection and analysis can improve research and decision-making. Find the related document here.

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