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New Paper: Cardiovascular Disease Burden in Europe

Posted on 04.11.2019

MedTech Europe’s Cardiovascular Sector Group has called on the EU to put cardiovascular diseases (CVD) on top of the agenda in its upcoming 2019 to 2024 institutional framework.

In a paper released on 23 October, the sector group believes that coordinated action at EU-level can ensure that people live longer, healthier lives – regardless of where they are born in the EU – and can continue to contribute to society.

Diseases of the heart and circulatory system are the leading cause of death in Europe and a major cause of disability. Globally, CVD is the number 1 killer, and the EU alone accounts for 1.8
million deaths every year or 36% of all deaths.

Preventing, detecting and diagnosing these conditions early – and managing them efficiently when they occur – is essential to keeping workers, and citizens of all ages, out of hospital and in good health, while making efficient use of healthcare resources.

The paper further narrates that decision makers can seize the 2019-2024 EU strategic agenda by immediately tackling the burden of CVD on three key fronts:
– Better understand the impact and burden of CVD on society.
– Improve patients’ quality of life and increase efficiency in both primary and tertiary care, through fast yet secure access to innovation.
– Reward technologies for the clinical and economic value, including outcomes, they bring to patients, hospitals and the healthcare system.