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New symbols for medical device label now available on the ISO website

Posted on 04.12.2019

In May this year, MedTech Europe published a guidance on symbols recommended to be used on medical device labels for MDR compliance before the revision of ISO standard 15223-1 is completed.
We are now pleased to inform you that the following symbols are already available on the ISO website;

• Contains human blood or plasma derivatives
• Contains a medicinal substance
• Contains hazardous substances
• Contains biological material of human origin
• Contains biological material of animal origin
• Translation
• Repackaging
• Single Patient Multiple use

These symbols alongside symbols for ’Medical device’’, ‘’Sterilized using vaporized hydrogen peroxide’’ and ‘’Unique Device Identification’’ are also part of the revision process of ISO 15223-1.
Please also note that other symbols such as Importer and Distributor are now available on the ISO website.

MedTech Europe is currently in process of updating its external guidance to align it with these developments.