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Value-based Procurement

Public Procurement

Posted on 31.08.2015

Public procurement is the acquisition of goods and services on behalf of a public authority like a government agency, or other bodies such as hospitals and other healthcare providers. A large part of Europe’s medical technologies are purchased using procurement processes.

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International Organisations

Posted on 29.08.2015

MedTech Europe works closely with global organizations whose activities affect the medical devices and IVDs sectors.

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Conference Vetting System

Posted on 29.08.2015

Eucomed’s Conference Vetting System is an independently managed system that reviews the compliance of third-party educational conferences with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice, based on clear and objective criteria.

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Partnerships with MedTech industry around the globe

Posted on 27.08.2015

Working at the international level is a cooperative initiative, cooperation with other associations around the world is crucial to share expertise and ensure an optimal use of resources, this is done both through specific alliances and through bilateral discussions.

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Partnerships with Health NGOs around the globe

Posted on 26.08.2015

MedTech Europe also helps global health NGOs to maximize access to diagnostics in low income and low-resource settings. It works with the World Health Organisation, helping determine which diagnostics best meet the needs of UN agencies in the field. It also assists the World Health Assembly in determining the real value of IVDs and how this can be applied in low income and resource countries.

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Posted on 25.08.2015

MedTech Europe, EDMA and Eucomed support transparency as a broad principle for all stakeholders. Within the healthcare sector, "transparency" may refer to a number of different issues.

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