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“Real World Evidence, the Route to PaRIS” Roundtable organized by MedTech Europe on 7 March

Posted on 06.04.2017

Value-based healthcare (VBHC) is a framework for delivering better outcomes for patients while optimising the cost of delivering case. It represents a shift away from the traditional focus on costs (inputs), towards a new approach that emphasises return on investment (outputs). That is why outcomes that matter to patients should matter to all health stakeholders.

The medtech industry is committed to supporting the transition to value-based healthcare. A survey of industry leaders, taken at a MedTech Europe CEO Roundtable in July 2016, showed a majority in favour of a value-based market access model. Procurement authorities and HTA bodies also see merit in a system driven by patient outcomes, while patients have a natural preference for an approach that places them at the centre. Making the transition will require the active engagement of all stakeholders.

In embracing VBHC, one of the key challenges to solve is how patient outcomes are defined, collected and used. Real-world patient outcomes data and data collected in registries have enormous potential to fuel a value-based access model. MedTech Europe has published a position paper on this topic, setting out 6 Key Principles that should apply when public health authorities require the collection of registry and real-world data to inform healthcare decisions.

MedTech Europe convened a meeting of key stakeholders in Brussels on 7 March 2017 to discuss real-world data and registries. Attendees included representatives from HTA bodies, international organisations, national health authorities, academia, industry, and  think tanks. This was the third meeting of its kind: the first explored the key principles of data collection; the second took a broader look at study design, data quality and the kinds of data required for regulatory purposes.

The meeting reported here came soon after Health Ministers from OECD countries agreed to support the Patient Reported Indicator Survey (PaRIS) which will collect detailed health data included PROMs and PREMs data. As the shift towards VBHC gathers momentum, dialogue between stakeholders will become increasingly important.

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