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Stakeholder joint statement on access to innovative healthcare under the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act)

Posted on 15.06.2023

MedTech Europe has joined 10 healthcare stakeholders in welcoming the intent of the proposed AI Act and outlining key opportunities to enhance further and clarify the regulation. The regulation has the potential to give individuals the confidence to embrace AI-based solutions, including AI-enabled digital health services and tools. These tools and services support the safe continuity of care and access to innovative, state-of-the-art healthcare across Europe.

We encourage all Member States and EU decision-makers to consider the impact the proposal will have on the EU health ecosystem, act mindfully and engage with the broad range of stakeholders. The final Regulation should optimise AI’s potential for the benefit of individuals, patients, carers, families, healthcare managers, healthcare professionals and health systems. Read the joint statement here.

For more information, please contact Simone Mohrs, Manager Digital Health.