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Data quality and the medical technology industry

Posted on 05.10.2022

With the Commission’s proposal for a European Health Data Space launched on 3 May 2022, and a shared willingness from policymakers and stakeholders to use data for research and innovation, there is an increasing focus and interest on the quality of health data. On 17 May, the Belgian medical technology association beMedTech, together with the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data, hosted a workshop for medical device companies, with support from MedTech Europe. Various speakers from academia and industry highlighted the need for more attention and resources on data quality which is needed to gain meaningful insights for better health outcomes. There was an agreement that incentives are not always aligned, and that the solution lies in awareness and leadership. Further information on the workshop is available on the beMedtech website.

For more information, please contact Michael Strübin, Director Digital Health.