Sustainability at the MedTech Forum: Embrace. Innovate. Collaborate.  

Posted on 06.06.2024

On the occasion of the MedTech Forum 2024, MedTech Europe published  reflections on “A patient-centric EU Green Deal: Building sustainable, equitable and resilient healthcare systems. These were discussed during three dedicated sustainability panel sessions.  

The session “The Climate Crisis-Our next Health Crisis?” identified, among others, education, incentives, an enabling framework for innovation and collaboration as key levers for future-proof healthcare systems that are fit for withstanding increasing climate change pressures.  

During the panel on the “EU Green Deal”, which was not only seen as a dense and difficult set of regulations to navigate but also “a call to action and innovation”, speakers shared their views on the challenges and opportunities for the medical technology sector.   

Finally, the “Circularity4Health” panel presented best practice examples and recommendations on how to scale circular practices in healthcare. Embracing sustainability, innovation leadership, and collaboration among healthcare system actors are considered key to a successful medtech sustainability journey. 

For more information, please contact Sigrid Linher, Director Sustainability and Environment.