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Thank you for the fantastic participation to the survey on the CVS platform!

Posted on 01.02.2024

A lot of learnings will be considered for the new tool. We already started implementing some changes you recommended.

For instance, as from January 2024, appeals can be raised before the end of the correction notice.

As a reminder, appeals must be filed within 10 days after the final assessment by the Compliance Officers. The formal  appeal with supporting documentation must be addressed to Mr. Jean-Claude Najar, Chair of the Compliance Panel, and sent by email to Myriam Invidia
and Dhana Ong.

Also, you recommended some changes to the CVS submission form. We are planning to include a checklist to ensure your submission provides exhaustive information.

These are a few examples of outcomes from the CVS survey; there is more to come!

For more information, please visit the website and contact Dhana Ong, CVS Compliance Officer.