The 4th European Value-Based Procurement Conference in Brussels

Working together on sustainable health systems: Focus on people, prosperity, and planet

Posted on 15.12.2022

Brussels, 15 December 2022 – The 4th European Value-Based Procurement Conference took place today in Brussels. The Conference was organised by the Value-based Procurement Community of Practice and supported by the European Health Public Procurement Alliance (EHPPA), the European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA),  Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and MedTech Europe.

The conference’s fourth edition was dedicated to “Working together on sustainable health systems: Focus on people, prosperity and planet”. The event aimed to explain from the perspective of various stakeholders how to accelerate a breakthrough in the transformation of health systems and increase sustainability by applying a Value-based Procurement approach.

Speakers discussed what it takes to lift off Value-based Procurement, practical examples and explained why it is crucial to implement this practice.

The event welcomed 17 high-level speakers and more than 120 participants from different fields – procurement organisations, healthcare organisations, regional health authorities, and the medical technology industry, all interested in Value-based Procurement. The full agenda is available here.

Value-based Procurement (VBP) is an innovative procurement approach that supports patient-centric, high quality and affordable healthcare. Applying VBP leads to the most economically advantageous purchasing by awarding a contract based on what citizens, health systems, health actors and society value. VBP is a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach providing solutions to enable efficient and effective health care of value to all. It also brings opportunities to address the key challenges of provider-supplier relationships.

The conference presentations and the post-event report will soon be available on the conference website.