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The European MedTech Week 2016 magazine is out!

Posted on 06.10.2016


From 13-17 June, over 60 organisations held a series of events and discussions across 19 European countries to raise awareness about the role of medical technologies in saving and improving people’s lives, driving efficient healthcare systems and supporting society as a whole.

European MedTech Week allowed national discussions to be brought to the forefront by highlighting local topics, needs and solutions. Healthcare professionals and patients came forward to talk about their personal testimonies with technologies and services and their visions and expectations for future healthcare.

We are delighted to inform you that the MedTech Week 2016 Outcome Report is now available here, and on the website.

We hope you enjoy reading the Magazine and hope to see you join the conversation(s) at the 2017 European MedTech Week, from 19-23 June.

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