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The Medical Technology industry supports ongoing efforts against COVID-19

Posted on 02.04.2020

These are very challenging times for all of us. As the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to impact the health of people and the economy of countries around the world, the medical technology industry is working to support all ongoing efforts against this pandemic.

Our members are working relentlessly to make sure that healthcare workers, patients and healthcare systems get full support in their response to COVID-19. Companies are working around the clock to ramp up productions of vital devices, from personal protective equipment, to respiratory care equipment and diagnostic tests. National associations are in constant contact with health authorities to make sure that these devices reach hospitals and dedicated structures and that technologies can keep flowing inside and outside national borders.

As a European association we support all these efforts. We coordinate and liaise among companies, national associations and EU institutions to make sure that supply chains are not disrupted, access to life-saving technologies can continue and the European Commission is informed with the best possible data.

MedTech Europe shares key COVID-19 information online on its COVID-19 Information Hub. Here, you can find the latest publications from the association and more relevant links and materials from EU institutions, international organisations and more.

The medical technology industry is absolutely committed and engaged in bringing healthcare professionals, patients and Member States all the support they need to contain and combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope that all of you and your families are staying healthy and safe!