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The socio-economic impact of AI in healthcare: Join the launch of the Deloitte-MTE report on 26 October 2020

How many lives could be saved if we adopted AI in healthcare and exploited its full potential? How many work hours could be gained, and how much savings realised and efficiencies gained?

Posted on 07.10.2020

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MedTech Europe has asked Deloitte to calculate the potential socio-economic impact of AI in healthcare, and Deloitte did the research, investigated the eight most promising use cases, and came up with impressive results.  The report will be presented in a free, public, online launch event with representatives from the Commission, the European Parliament, patients, authorities and the research community, on 26 October 2020 at 11.00-12.30.

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To read the report, click here.

For questions, contact Michael Strübin, MedTech Europe Digital Health Director, at [email protected].