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The value of digitalisation in diabetes care

Posted on 04.05.2023

The MedTech Europe Diabetes Group continues its work of advancing digitally enabled care for the benefit of people living with diabetes, their care teams and wider health systems in Europe.

Digitally enabled diabetes care consists of an ecosystem of devices and services that use the power of data and digital connectivity to facilitate better self-management, strengthen interactions with care teams, and improve outcomes and quality of life for people with diabetes.

The different medical technology elements play a prominent part in the wider digital ecosystem. These include connected glucose monitoring systems that regularly track, predict and alert changes in glucose levels, as well as smart insulin delivery systems, including pumps and pens, that calculate and track dosage data, along with health apps and algorithms that transform health data into meaningful information to support diabetes management. These tools further enable services such as telehealth solutions, e-prescriptions and e-health records. Taken together, this ecosystem brings significant value to people with diabetes, their care teams and health systems.

Whilst the ‘digital discussion’ is taking place with and for people living with Type 1 diabetes, it is essential that this dialogue is extended to include the area of Type 2 diabetes, where individuals may experience diverse care pathways. The primary care sector is typically responsible for the care of Type 2 diabetes patients, making it crucial to address the unique challenges they face through digital means.

To allow for a better understanding of the challenge of Type 2 diabetes and the role that digitally enabled medical technologies can play in supporting people living with Type 2 diabetes and their care teams, the Diabetes Group has developed an infographic and a two-pager that can be read here.

For more information on the work of the MedTech Europe Diabetes Group, please visit the dedicated website page, or contact Tanja Valentin, Senior Advisor Diabetes.