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This Is Medtech – a platform for real stories of people’s lives transformed by medtech

Posted on 07.04.2016

It’s there when your child is delivered, it helps you see when your vision’s blurred, it keeps your father’s heart beating. It’s MedTech, and it’s the one “tech” you really can’t live without.

The value of medical technology goes beyond the medical lab or the hospital. From a pregnancy test to prosthetic legs or pacemakers, it’s the innovation that improves our lives, warns us if something is wrong or even cures us. Here at MedTech Europe we want to talk about the tech that weaves itself into our lives at the moments we’d least expect.

That’s why MedTech Europe has a platform to share real and emotional stories of people whose lives have been transformed by medical technologies: This Is MedTech.

This Is MedTech is all about explaining what medical technologies are and what value they bring to the patient within each one of us. We publish two stories per week that focus on people and on their drive to get better – and look at how MedTech can help.

For example, to celebrate World Health Day, a WHO initiative that aims to raise awareness on the rise of diabetes, we shared several stories from inspiring individuals who are dealing with this disease. Read about Kyle who was diagnosed with diabetes at 16 years old and now is a professional athlete and a patient advocate . You can also read Becky’s story on dealing with gestational diabetes  or about the new snugly toy that helps kids with type 1 diabetes. 

In our story of the month, find out what happened to Mike, a pensioner in his 60’s, after his heart stopped beating at the gym.

Visit the platform and share your story. You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter account.