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Three digital health positions open at MedTech Europe

Posted on 09.09.2021

MedTech Europe will be expanding its Digital Health Team, following the acceleration of digitalisation as a priority of the European Union, including in the healthcare sector, where various pending or upcoming regulations on data, Artificial Intelligence, and the development of the European Health Data Space are in the legislative pipeline. To respond to these initiatives and to best represent the medical technology industry’s interests vis-à-vis policymakers and stakeholders in the EU, the Secretariat is allocating new internal resources to the digital health team by opening three new full time manager-level positions with specialisations in medical devices software regulation (including AI), health data governance, and the digital health ecosystem. These managers will form the core of a new, expanded digital health team with pooled and complementary skills and qualifications. For each of these positions, MedTech Europe is inviting applications from qualified individuals with relevant work experience and backgrounds in fields including IT, political/social science, engineering or law. Interested applicants should contact Sergey Golyshin at [email protected].