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Unveiling the Future of Healthcare: ‘Connecting the Dots’ series seturns

Posted on 09.11.2023

On 28 November 2023, MedTech Europe and BBC StoryWorks will reveal the second ‘Connecting the Dots’ video series, exploring the transformative power of medical technology.

This collaboration will unfold through a collection of twenty mini-documentary-style films, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape of the medical technology eco-system. The series will explore a spectrum of medical innovations, from proven solutions to cutting-edge advancements, showcasing impactful stories that bridge the gap between innovation and implementation. Each film will present a unique narrative, delving into the stories of patients, healthcare professionals, and innovators, providing a profound understanding of the impact and potential of these advancements.

MedTech Europe remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering dialogue, driving progress, and inspiring advancements in medical technology. The collaboration with BBC StoryWorks underscores this dedication, bringing these stories to a global audience and offering a unique lens into the transformative journey of medical technologies.

For more information, please contact Marie-Hélène Lattes, BBC Project Lead.