Deep dive into the MedTech Europe Manifesto & the upcoming EU Elections with CEO Oliver Bisazza

Last update on 28.02.2024

Ready to elevate your understanding on the future of healthcare and the medical technologies sector?

The new season of MedTech ON AIR is live for the 2024. In this episode, we welcome MedTech Europe CEO Oliver Bisazza to discuss our Manifesto, and the European Elections.  

Listen-in to this first discussion with Oliver, exploring important topics like patient-centricity, digital transformation, and sustainability shaping the medical technologies sector today and beyond.  

We’re kicking-off a series of episodes on the future opportunities of the upcoming elections, healthcare in Europe, innovation opportunities and outlook for the medical technology sector.  

Curious about how the MedTech Europe Manifesto positions patient centricity? You can learn more in our latest blog post Empowering Patients Will Boost the Quality of Healthcare: https://bit.ly/3UtIKpG] 

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