The Lifeblood of Europe’s Medical Technology Sector: Collaborative Research and Innovation with Guest Mark Lloyd Davies

Last update on 29.02.2024

How do Europe’s unique R&I environment and opportunities provide fertile ground for our sector’s life changing innovations?  

In the second episode of MedTech ON AIR, we welcome Johnson & Johnson’s Global Head of Strategic Partnerships and Resource Group (SPRG), Mark Lloyd Davies.  

Listen in as Mark as shares his insights from his longstanding experience working in collaborative research and innovation in Europe, and what makes the EU environment unique. We delve into the potential of public private partnerships, practical advice on participating in the Innovative Health Initiative, and reflections on a new multistakeholder project.   

Curious to learn more about the red thread driving the medical technology sector? Learn more in the MedTech Europe Manifesto: https://bit.ly/49zo9W2 

🎧 Listen here (12 mins): https://bit.ly/MTOAS4E2 

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