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1st European Value-Based Procurement Conference – A new paradigm in health care

12 December 2019 – For the first time at European level, thought and practice leaders in the field of value-based procurement came together to discuss opportunities in this important emerging area of health care. More than 250 participants from leading organisations, representing a diverse ecosystem of healthcare actors, attended the 1st European Value-Based Procurement Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Posted on 12.12.2019

The event brought together European stakeholders to explore the potential of value-based procurement for improving patient outcomes and making services more sustainable and affordable. A change in procurement practices and a transition to a value-based approach will put patient benefits at the centre of purchasing decisions. It will also support collaboration across care pathways, enable more informed commissioning, and more contracting for outcomes and results.

The conference featured sessions showcasing pioneering applications of value-based procurement across Europe. Delegates covered policy initiatives and strategies to drive this evolutionary transition, as well as tools to put new approaches into practice. Participants were also able to access networking opportunities with experts, share best practices, and lay the foundations for future partnerships.

The event was organised by the Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice and supported by EHPPA, EUREGHA, and MedTech Europe.

The conference brought together high-level speakers and experts from different fields – procurement organisations, regional health authorities, the medical technology industry, the European Commission and other interested parties. Altogether, the procurement organisations who took part in the event manage medical technologies purchasing for over 4000 healthcare institutions, which care for more than 20 million European patients a year.

The European Commission, represented by DG SANTE, DG GROW and DG Research and Innovation, was at the event and engaged in panel discussions on value-based procurement, encouraging the growth of the value-based community of practice.

EHPPA Vice-President for Value-Based Procurement, Kjetil Istad, said: “Procurement is ever-evolving, and for hospitals around Europe, it is becoming a clear strategic tool. It helps deliver cost savings, but it also opens new possibilities for introducing new technologies, which in turn can bring more benefits for patients and for health care professionals. Value-based procurement is a way of thinking, a growing procurement methodology, that is focused on value that matters to patients and professionals, value that goes beyond just the device that is procured. Looking at the value chain into which the device is inserted, value of changing the status quo can be observed and evaluated. We believe this is a change we should embrace, because value for money delivered will be greater than in traditional procurement models.”

EUREGHA President, Nick Batey, highlighted the international recognition that moving to a value-based approach to health and care is key to the sustainability of many healthcare systems. “Value-based procurement is a vital element in our toolbox to address challenges. Not just driving out cost and variations in care but delivering better outcomes for patients and adding value into our economies.  Today we have seen excellent examples of this working in the real world.  We must continue to work together to increase and spread public and private sector understanding, skills and competencies to deliver Value-based procurement.”

MedTech Europe CEO, Serge Bernasconi conveyed his support for the outcomes of the conference: “Healthcare systems are under increasing pressure to cut costs and deliver good results. Today’s discussion offers progressive solutions to these challenges and shows the commitment of our industry to a change in procurement practices to respond to the needs of patients, society and healthcare systems”.  Mr Bernasconi continued “We are encouraged by the pioneering work that is happening across Europe and look forward to seeing value-based procurement replace pricing only procurement. It now has to become a reality for better patient and healthcare management”.