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BBC StoryWorks and MedTech Europe present ‘Connecting the Dots’

A Journey of Medical Technology Innovation

Posted on 28.11.2023

MedTech Europe launches the second series, Connecting the Dots produced for MedTech Europe by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. These mini documentary-style films offer a 360-degree view of the medical technology ecosystem.

Oliver Bisazza, CEO of MedTech Europe, commented: “Connecting the Dots brings to light the remarkable journey of medical technology, showcasing the transformative impact of established and cutting-edge innovations through the perspectives of patients, caregivers, innovators, and healthcare professionals. These stories aim to inspire open dialogues, celebrate progress, and energise us to tackle future challenges with renewed determination.”

Building on the success of the first series, the films connect groundbreaking ideas to real-world applications, featuring a range of medical innovations from proven solutions to cutting-edge advancements. By connecting the dots between innovation and implementation, the films showcase how medical technologies enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare systems.

Eighteen films by member companies and medical technology firms delve into exceptional technologies shaping the future of healthcare. Each piece presents a unique narrative, exploring the stories of patients, healthcare professionals, and innovators to provide a deep understanding of the impact and potential of these advancements.

MedTech Europe remains committed to fostering dialogue, driving progress, and inspiring advancements in medical technology. The collaboration with BBC StoryWorks underscores the dedication to bringing these stories to a global audience, offering a unique lens into the transformative journey of medical technologies.

Connecting the Dots is available on

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MedTech Europe is the European trade association for the medical technology industry including diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health. Our members are national, European, and multinational companies as well as a network of national medical technology associations who research, develop, manufacture, distribute, and supply health-related technologies, services, and solutions.

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