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Press Release COVID19

COVID-19 recovery: Guidance for the Re-entry of Medical Technology Representatives in Healthcare Facilities

Posted on 04.06.2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and disruption in the delivery of needed medical care and treatments to non-COVID-19 patient communities that rely on access to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities, as well as on medical technologies and solutions.

Medical technologies manufacturers remain committed to do the utmost possible to ease the difficulties that patients might face in these challenging times by ensuring that medical technologies and services are available without disruption and by contributing to a safe and swift return to regular healthcare services, including medical procedures.

A critical element to meet this mission is the continuation of medical technology experts being able to be present in healthcare facilities in order to support healthcare professionals in delivering patient care and ensuring the safe and effective use, installation, servicing, and maintenance of medical technologies. This is particularly crucial for medical procedures that include complex medical technologies.

MedTech Europe supports that these representatives should return to healthcare facilities as soon as healthcare services resume in order to be able to contribute to the safe and effective use of the technologies.  The presence and activities of these representatives must at any time be in line with all applicable regulatory requirements as well as with local hospital policies and rules.

Furthermore, in the context of managing the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the industry supports that representatives of medical technology manufacturers follow all additional protocols and requirements in place in light of COVID-19 that aim to protect the safety of patients and healthcare workers.

Those measures can include:

  •   Rules and policies related to social distancing and safety policies, including specific considerations on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or hand hygiene;
  •   Hospital’s testing policies for medical technology representatives entering both restricted and nonrestricted areas;
  •   Any training and qualification requirements that may have been established, including a clear understanding of infection prevention recommendations for COVID-19, and facility policy   related to COVID-19 safety principles.

MedTech Europe and its network of National Associations are dedicated to engaging in discussions with European and national policymakers to find timely and practical solutions and relevant guidance to support the above-mentioned possible measures. The purpose is to make the industry’s technical expertise available and accessible for doctors and hospitals, as soon as possible and where and when needed.

The medical technology industry reaffirms its longstanding commitment to serve and protect patients whose lives depend on safe services, technologies and treatments being available and accessible to all.