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Medical technology industry calls for an EU Action Plan for Better Cardiovascular Health

Posted on 25.05.2021

Brussels, 25 May 2021 – MedTech Europe, the European trade association for the medical technology industry, unveiled its policy roadmap calling for an EU Action Plan for Better Cardiovascular Health. This comes at a time when the existing challenges facing cardiovascular patients and healthcare professionals in Europe have been exacerbated by COVID-19. 95% of all COVID-19 deaths are attributable to those with underlying conditions, with cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) being the leading comorbidity, accounting for 65% of these deaths.

The medical technology industry’s call for “An EU Action Plan for Better Cardiovascular Health”, was launched during an event hosted by Friends of Europe. It lays out a roadmap of concrete policy proposals for the European Commission and Member States, aimed at fighting the number 1 killer in Europe, CVDs.

Jean-Luc Lemercier, Chair of MedTech Europe’s Cardiovascular Sector Group, said: “Every day, cardiovascular diseases kill approximately 5,000 people in the EU, and cost our healthcare systems more than 200 billion Euros. It’s time for all stakeholders and decision-makers to work together and make an EU Action Plan a reality for the benefit of European citizens. MedTech Europe’s call to action is a step in the right direction and shows the commitment of the medical technology industry to deliver solutions for European patients.”

CVDs, including heart failure, atrial fibrillation-related stroke, heart valve disease or coronary heart disease, can impact people of all ages. According to recent estimates, over 60 million people are living with CVDs in the EU and over 1.8 million people die of them every year. This amounts to 210 billion Euro in healthcare costs, productivity loss, and informal care by caregivers.

MedTech Europe’s roadmap lays out a series of key actions and proposals for both the European institutions and Members States, taking into account the complete patient pathway. Namely, it suggests using existing financing tools, like the EU4Health and Horizon Programmes, to foster initiatives such as trainings for healthcare professionals, awareness campaigns for citizens and pan-European studies. It also recommends the creation of a common European CVD information system, as well as the introduction of national widespread early detection and screening programmes. Furthermore, the roadmap touches upon the importance of equal and efficient access to life-saving technologies, from early detection to quality of life.

MedTech Europe’s Cardiovascular Sector Group spearheaded the publication of the roadmap, which is the latest in a series of initiatives from the medical technology industry to raise awareness of the burden of CVDs in Europe. The publication builds on the extensive evidence available on the burden of CVDs in Europe, and includes insights obtained through a series of expert interviews with key opinion leaders and stakeholders from across the EU, including Belgium, Poland, Spain and Sweden, between March and April 2021. It also draws on a series of meetings between MedTech Europe’s Cardiovascular Sector Group and the EU institutions throughout the course of 2020.

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