Policy Pulse Conference

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7 months before the ballot date, the Policy Pulse Conference discussed and explored emerging themes and future trends in the medical technology sector such as the digital transformation of the healthcare sector and the EU’s role in innovation and attractiveness.

Representatives from the industry sector, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council met in Brussels to discuss the future of the sector.

Programme 2023 edition

13:30 – Registration

14:15 – 14:25 – Welcoming Remarks

  • Oliver Bisazza, Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe

14:25 – 14:40 – Opening Remarks

  • Rob ten Hoedt, Executive Vice President & President for the Global Regions at Medtronic, Chair and Member of the MedTech Europe Operations Management Committee

14:45 – 15:30 – Empowering Healthcare through the Digital Transformation: Shaping the EU’s future

A  panel of experts will delve into the critical topic of the digitisation of the healthcare sector. The panellists will explore how cutting-edge digital technologies are transforming healthcare delivery, from telemedicine to electronic health records, and how this digital revolution can enhance patient care, reduce costs, and improve overall healthcare outcomes.

  • Moderator: Alexander Olbrechts, Director Digital Health, MedTech Europe
  • Tomislav Sokol, EPP, Member of the European Parliament
  • Saila Rinne, Acting Head of Unit, “eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing”, DG CONNECT, European Commission
  • Christian Clarus, Director Global Government Affairs, BBraun
  • Tove Christiansson, Chief Executive Officer, Abilia

15:30-15:45 –Networking coffee break

15:45 – 16:10 – Interview with Marc Julien, EIT Health France, and Ieva Ankorina-Stark, Contura

Marc Julien, Managing Director of EIT Health France, and Ieva Ankorina-Stark, Managing Director/Chief Scientific Officer, Contura, will discuss the challenges of SMEs and start-ups in the sector and how best they can be supported in the European ecosystem.

16:15 – 17:10 – EU at an Inflection Point for Investment and Innovation in Healthcare

In the second panel of this event, the focus will shift toward innovation in the healthcare sector and the pivotal role that SMEs play within the EU ecosystem. The discussion will centre on how SMEs drive innovation, job creation, and economic growth while tackling healthcare challenges. The panellists will also explore topics such as research funding, market access, and regulatory support competitiveness in a global landscape.

  • Moderator: Patrick Boisseau, Director General, Strategic Initiatives, MedTech Europe
  • Stelios Kympouropoulos, EPP, Member of the European Parliament
  • Hubert Gambs, Deputy-Director General, DG GROW, European Commission
  • Elisa Gastaldi, Head of Office – Government Affairs & EU Policy at Siemens Healthineers
  • Sebastian Schostek, Senior Vice President, Ovesco Endoscopy AG

17:15 – 17:45 – Fireside chat 

Come and have a chat with a European Commission representative.

  • Flora Giorgio, Head of Unit for Medical Devices, DG SANTE, European Commission

17:45 – 18:00 – Closing remarks

  • Oliver Bisazza, Chief Executive Officer, MedTech Europe

18:00 – 19: 00 – Networking event


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