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Contract for a Healthy Future

The medical technology industry, encompassing medical devices and in vitro diagnostics, recognises the need to change how we work in order to meet the challenges we all face in steering Europe’s healthcare onto a sustainable path.

What the industry will do:

  • Acknowledge the need for change
  • Embrace, achieve and demonstrate cost-effectiveness, patient benefits, societal needs of patients, payers and policymakers
  • Fulfil stakeholders’ needs through value-based innovation
  • Invest in knowledge transfer with healthcare professionals and institutions to optimise healthcare delivery and quality of care
  • Provide medical technology innovations with socioeconomic value that ensure sustainable, accessible healthcare and healthy ageing

But we cannot do it alone. All stakeholders will have to reconsider the role they play. However, if we all play our part, we can solve our shared problems together.

What you can do:

  • Policymakers: Foster access to new technology; modernise healthcare and funding models and end silo-based budgeting to account for societal benefits
  • Payers: Recognise the value of medical technology through optimised market access and timely appropriate funding
  • Healthcare professionals: Treat technology as an enabler of change in efficiency and productivity; embrace the power of patients and other stakeholders in health decision-making
  • Healthcare institutions: Work together for productivity and quality of care; embrace bold changes to how care is delivered
  • Patients: Play a more active role in managing their own care, and be open to new care models and settings

Posted on 28.07.2015