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Global industry urges G20 trade ministers to fight against forced localization policies

Industry associations from around the world representing a multitude of sectors urge the next G20 Trade Ministers meeting gathering in Sydney, Australia on July 19 2014 to build on previous G20 commitments to avoid protectionism by taking active steps to fight against the increasing number of national and sub-national protectionist measures around the world that disrupt free trade.

The rise of forced localization policies, notably in important sectors such as manufacturing, services and information and communication technologies (ICT), marks a troubling shift in global trade and economic policies. Many governments are beginning to abandon established trade policies that have led to decades of economic growth and the improvement in the quality of life, liberalization, openness, and economic integration in favor of
discriminatory market access barriers. Forced localization policies have emerged in both emerging and developed economies around the world and are proliferating rapidly.

Posted on 01.08.2017


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