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Improving dialysis for patients and health systems in community and home care

Chronic kidney diseases (CKD) are typically caused by diabetes, hypertension and inflammatory diseases of the kidney (especially glomerulonephritis). Left undiagnosed or untreated, CKD can cause total kidney failure (End-stage Renal Disease – ESRD) which is treatable only by dialysis or transplantation, i.e. Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT).

For medical reasons, most dialysis patients are not suitable for transplantation and due to the limited availability of donor kidneys, the majority of patients with ESRD require dialysis therapy for the remainder of their lives. Thanks to innovation and supportive care systems, there are now different methods to perform dialysis, and even the opportunity to receive treatment at home (e.g. during night or continuously during day), contributing to quality of life and well-being of patients.

Posted on 15.07.2015