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MedTech Europe Statement of Concern on Payback Systems in Italy and Potentially other EU Member States

MedTech Europe expresses deep concern over the ongoing payback situation in Italy and the potential emergence of similar healthcare finance austerity measures in other EU Member States such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, and France. The repercussions of such practices have far-reaching implications for healthcare industries, patients, and industrial competitiveness in the concerned Member States.

Current Repercussions of the Payback Situation in Italy

The continued challenges faced by medical technology companies in Italy due to the payback situation have raised significant concerns. Requests from regional governments, for companies that provided needed technologies to the Italian healthcare system in the past years, to retroactively repay money, have resulted in tremendous financial burdens, legal disputes, and operational uncertainties. The ongoing lack of a definitive resolution is hindering the stability, growth, and innovation of the medical device sector in Italy, and ultimately, the long-term competitiveness and attractiveness of the Italian market.

We strongly urge the Italian government to work with the Italian medical technology industry to find alternative solutions to the country’s healthcare budget challenges. It is crucial to establish a predictable and equitable resolution that fosters continued investment, innovation, and patient access to medical technologies in Italy.

Potential spread of similar schemes in other EU Member States

We are deeply concerned about reports suggesting the potential activation of payback-like austerity systems for medical technologies in other EU Member States such as Bulgaria, Cyprus, and France. Such developments raise alarming questions about the consequences for the healthcare industry and access to medical technologies for patients and healthcare systems in these Member States.

The potential activation or expansion of such systems in other EU Member States would impose unacceptable financial strain, legal disputes, and operational disruptions for the very industry on whom those Member States’ healthcare systems depend. This would in turn inevitably hamper investment, stifle innovation, and erode patient access to critical medical technologies.

We call upon the governments of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and France to carefully evaluate the potential consequences of these developments, and to abstain from adopting payback-like systems. Similarly, we call on all governments in the EU to refrain from leveraging other forms of austerity schemes that would come with similar unintended consequences.

MedTech Europe strongly urges collaboration among governments, healthcare regulators, and industry representatives, to address these concerns and work towards sustainable solutions that benefit the whole healthcare ecosystem.


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Jessica Imbert
Director External Affairs
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Posted on 14.07.2023