Taxonomy of Value-Based Access Programmes – Funding for Innovation (Guidance)

MedTech Europe commissioned ValueConnected to develop an overview of initiatives developed by payers in Europe to provide funding for innovation. The goal is to give health authorities, payers and manufacturers an overview of how countries reward innovation at the time of initial access. These initiatives have been categorised as ‘Value-Based Access Programmes, Funding for Innovation’ (VBAPs). For promising innovations, well-designed VBAPs are an impactful instrument for patients, payers, the healthcare system and industry. However, whilst the benefits of these access programmes are evident, their usage is still limited in Europe.

Please note that since this project conducted in 2020, MedTech Europe has conducted one additional project on these mechanisms providing temporary coverage and/or funding to medical technology outside of the general reimbursement and funding frameworks by commissioning Alira Health in 2021.

Posted on 17.06.2019

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